An innovative new business, Rebel Transportation, starts with service that is convenient, affordable and addresses a growing need - bicycle repair.

Rebel Transportation is startup bicycle repair and retail business that is home-based business as we begin our journey. As a result, we bring export bicycle services to your door...front door, side door, garage door, porch...wherever we can help. Rebel Transportation picks up your bike, does all the dirty work and magic in our garage before returning your bike back to you in time to ride.

And, if Rebel Transportation's mechanical expertise isn't your particular brand of lube, you can schedule a pick-up to many local bicycle shops.

We envision a future of sustainable transportation and recreation options. Our goal is to be the agent for change in the local community, a resource for neighborhood cruising families and ranked riders, and to share the joy of riding bikes. In October of 2021, Rebel Transportation launched with a focus on keeping the community cruising. A successful future will connect the community with cycling resources and enable a move into a working space. We look forward to taking the ride with you.

Owner and operator, Brian Iarocci, brings his lifelong two-wheeled adventure and over two decades of bicycle industry experience to starting Rebel Transportation here in Worthington, Ohio.