Collection: Bicycle Pick-Up Services & Repairs

  • Shop Labor

    Professional labor rate is $80/hour, invoiced in .25 hour increments.

  • Bicycle Flat Repair, $13+

    Replacement of bicycle inner tube, tire inspection and mounting, inflation and wheel re-installation. Tube not included (sizes and rates vary).

  • The Tune Up, $90

    Attention is given to all drivetrain, shifting, braking, and general repairs. Including, but not limited to, flat repair, shifting adjustments, brake adjustments, wheel truing, standard safety check, labor for bolt-on accessory, cable and grip/wrap installations, surface cleaning and lubrication.

    Parts and accessories are not included in price.

    This option is also available in combination with the Get It Fixed package for and additional $66 - Get It ALL Fixed.

  • Brake Adjustment - Mechanical, $15+

    Mechanical brake adjustment including alignment, tensioning, cable or pad install, etc. of both front and rear cable actuated bicycle brakes. Replacement parts such as brake pads, cables or other parts not included.

  • Wheel Alignment/True, $25+

    Straightening, or truing, a single bent or misaligned spoked bicycle wheel.

  • Shifting Adjustment, $15+

    Adjustment to derailleur(s), cables and chain tension. Also applies to installation of all new shifting cables, derailleurs, chains. Parts not included.

  • Tubeless Tire Service, $15+

    Mounting, filling and inflating new and/or repaired tubeless bicycle tire. Sealant, tire, valve, etc. not included.

  • Brake Adjustment - Hydraulic, $30+

    Hydraulic brake adjustment including alignment, bleed, line install, etc. for a front and/or rear hydraulic bicycle brakes. Replacement parts such as brake pads, hydraulic lines or other parts not included.

  • Standard Bicycle Wellness Check

    Automatic service applied to all bicycles before completion of work for the safety of the rider.

    Check and torque all nuts and bolts on all, but not limited to, wheels, cranks, pedals, handlebars and seat.Clean bike and lube chain.Properly inflate tires.